Sanders and Accessories for abrasive products

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Sanders and accessories for abrasive products: Martin Abrasivi disposes of a series of professional pneumatic sanders and a wide range of spare parts and accessories. These powerful, high quality sanders are designed to meet and exceed the highest performance standards, improve productivity and optimise finishing results when used with Martin Abrasivi abrasives and accessories.

Service and maintenance are handled in-house, including the supply of spare parts where necessary and guaranteeing a fast and efficient assistance.

The range includes:

  • PNEUMATIC RANDOM ORBITAL SANDERS (KX65B – KX65G – KX65V) with a 150 and 125 mm velcro backing pad. Suitable for all work sanding on all types of surfaces, the ergonomic shape guarantees an excellent grip and great comfort in usage. By connecting the tool to an extraction system, it sands dust-free. 
  • Light and handy PNEUMATIC ORBITAL SANDERS (KX45G) with a 81×133 mm velcro backing pad, suitable for woodworking and automotive. Total dust extraction is ensured by using it with the perforated velcro sheets and connecting it to a vacuum system.
  • PNEUMATIC MINI ORBITAL SANDERS (KX35R) with a 32 mm velcro backing pad designed to remove small defects. Their angular shape and small size allow better control over the surface to be sanded, even on hard-to-reach areas. Its 3 mm orbit ensures a very precise finish ideal for removing small dirt. 

The MINI ORBITAL FINGER version (KX20R), a pneumatic finger sander with a 60×20 mm velcro backing pad, is suitable for the removal of paint droplets, dirt and small drips and allows sanding in even the hardest-to-reach areas. There is the possibility to reduce the speed depending on the type of material to be processed.

For each type of sander Martin Abrasivi can supply spare parts or make repairs directly.

In addition to the pneumatic sanders, there is also a range of accessories such as velcro backing pads of various types and sizes, replacement velcro, velcro interfaces and various supports.