Velcro Abrasive Discs

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Velcro abrasive discs.  Velcro discs are available in a wide range of materials, sizes, grits and holes. A vast choice of backings and formats to suit different applications with orbital and random orbital machines, for dry and wet grinding.

The velcro abrasive discs are divided into 4 groups according to the backing:

  • Abrasive on film: due to the uniformity of the product, the abrasive disc lasts a long time and offers an excellent finish in a wide variety of applications, such as woodworking, carbon, boat industry, automotive and many others. Also suitable for wet use.
  • Abrasive on paper: depending on the different work requirements, you can choose from a variety of more or less heavy backings, again the applications of velcro discs are manifold.
  • Abrasive on net: high-performance velcro disc for clean work. Thanks to the microholes and suction, it allows the disc not to clog while remaining clean and thus increasing its life. In addition, the disc is applied to each backing pad without the need to centre the holes for suction.
  • Foam-backed abrasive: this disc allows excellent performance in wet sanding. The soft cloth backing coupled with sponge enables sanding even on surfaces that are difficult to treat with a normal abrasive disc, such as shaped parts and irregular contours.